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Company with more than 15 years of experience on Residential & comercial Roofing  Shingle Roofs And Flat Roofs. 


Licensed insured & bonded


Licensed to work in both States Indiana & Illinois


Our responsibility is to have our customers happy with our jobs. Our Professional customer service team. Always ready to treat you as you deserve

every handling claim process takes about 5 or up to 7 steps before we do the construction once we have the claim approved  and every steps is passing through is minutiously supervised, to give a customer the best attention.

Our vision

The common phrase; We are not the only ones But, we are the Best. Is a phrase we dont say. But customers we been helping  they’re recommend us more customers. We take very seriously our customers and we love the referrals . thats why we have the program referrals. call us and ask about the program referrals. 

Our mission

Keep our customers happy giving them the 3 years warranty on every roof replaced material and labor included plus the 25-30 years warranty on materials and some materials we have 50 years and  lifetime warranty. our mission is to have the best material on their most expensive investment customers have.

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