Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a roof repair or replacement?

A leaking roof doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get the roof replaced. You can get it repaired. However, if it’s an old roof, the best option is to have it replaced.

What type of roof should I get?

The type of roof you get should complement your home’s style. Also, you should take the material and durability into account before making a decision.

What causes a roof to wear out?

The weather and mildew growth are the most common factors that cause roofs to wear out. Furthermore, lighter colored roofs don’t wear out as fast as dark colored ones.

Why is venting a roof so important?

It’s important because it helps to dilute and remove the moist air in the winter. This works amazingly as a preventative measure for any possible damage.

Can I repair my roof by myself?

If you haven’t been properly trained to perform this type of work, it’s best to leave it to professional roofing contractors. You could damage the roof and injure yourself.

How do I know if my roof needs to get replaced?

If your roof hasn’t been replaced in a while and has extensive leaking, it may mean you have to get it replaced. Other common signs are algae growth, curling, ceiling spots, and rotting.

Are all homes affected in the same way by hail?

No, they aren’t. Hail storms can vary even in your neighborhood area. Also, roofs vary in terms of condition. Hence, some will be more affected than others.

What is a roofing underlayment?
It’s a waterproof barrier material installed in your roof deck. Roofing underlayment helps protect your roof from wind driven rain that could damage your home.

Roof Repair Solutions in Chicago

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