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If you’re looking for roof repair in Calumet, Roof Rescuer is the company you were looking for. We have more than 15 years of experience in building and restoring homes.
Storms in the year 2019 caused damages in about 70% of the houses in all of the Chicago area. Thus, has your house been inspected? Contact experts in storm damages on houses. Our goal is to offer personalized services to meet your roof repair or replacement needs. And we also advise you in case there are things you should take into consideration for the future.
Roof Repair

Since not all roofing issues require a complete roof replacement, we offer roof repair services. Our experts will check your shingle, tile, slate, or flat rooftop. So, why wait? Contact us to get your roof repaired in no time. We also offer maintenance services. In this way, you can avoid getting your roof repaired and save more money.

Siding Repair

Your home’s siding isn’t purely decorative. It’s a system that acts as a shield. In case it has cracks or other faults, it could mean that there’s moisture in your walls. Thus, to avoid mold and rot, we recommend home siding repair done by our experts.

Gutter Repair

Most gutters can last up to 25 years with the help of routine maintenance and repairs. You don’t really need a replacement if you’re experiencing some problems. However, if we find the gutters are damaged, we’ll make sure to offer you the best solution.

1. How can I cut repair costs?

The best way to cut roof repair costs is to prevent damage before it occurs. This means inspecting the roof. It is important to do inspections at least twice a year. Extra inspections should be performed after unusual weather conditions. This means when there are high winds, hail, earthquakes, or severe temperatures.


2. Should I do it by myself?

Roofing is a very serious business and it is not for the do-it-yourselfers. Fixing and removing modern roofing systems requires specialized knowledge and plenty of skills. Working off the ground can also be dangerous. That’s why it’s better to leave this job to the professionals.


3. When should I repair my roof?

You should make repairs as soon as you detect a potential problem. For example, a leak. Problems such as leaks are not clear until it rains. During rainy periods, professional roofing contractors have many calls for emergency repairs. As a result, they may be unable to provide immediate service. It is best to expect and make constant checks on your roof.


4. How much will a new roof cost?

There are several factors that influence the cost of a new roof. For example, whether the professionals can save the existing roof or removed it. The size, slope, and configuration of the roof are also important. Also the degree of accessibility of the roof; the roof material to be installed. The time of year is important, and local labor rates. Yet, the best way to know is to get estimates from professional licensed roofing contractors in the area.


5. What is important to look for in a professional roofing contractor?

A professional roofing contractor must have the following traits: They should be licensed. Also, they should be well-established. They should have a permanent place of business and a tax identification number. Where appropriate, a business license too. They must be experienced and knowledgeable. They should carry both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. And they must be committed to worker education and safety.

6. What types of guarantees are available for my roof?

There are different types of warranties. For instance, the contractor’s warranties that cover workmanship. Also, the manufacturer’s warranties cover materials. And extended manufacturer’s warranties that cover materials and labor. It is important that you understand their respective terms and conditions.

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Calumet City is located across the southeast boundary of the city of Chicago. The city where it’s best to trust local companies because we understand your needs better than no one else. Our goal is that you receive an excellent service at the best price. Trust the best roof repair company in Calumet.

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