What Are The Most Storm-Prone Areas In Illinois

What Are The Most Storm-Prone Areas In Illinois?

Storm damage can end up causing many problems in your home. Want to know what are the most storm-prone areas in Illinois?

Types of Storm Damage


This usually occurs when we have gust winds at 55 miles/hr or more. The roof shingles start to lose or break and fly away. This is why roof repair in Illinois is always the option to take into consideration.


Hail damage occurs after hail debris hit the roofing shingles. This causes a broken asphalt and a layer of organic core exposed. Thus, if this is a problem you’re dealing with, hire a good company that offers roof repair in Rockford.


Water damage occurs when water enters your home. Such leak is noticeable after 3 months if it’s a minor leak. But the damage could cost a lot if you take no action. That’s why roof repair in Urbana is the best option out there.

Storm-Prone Areas In Illinois

No place in Illinois is free from tornadoes and storms. However, there are places where these occur with more frequency.

What are the most storm-prone areas in Illinois? Northwest Illinois from the Quad Cities to areas northwest of Chicago. Likewise, locations between St. Louis and Quincy northeast. And this extends to east-central Illinois and Chicago’s south suburbs. Lastly, across southwest Illinois to southwest Indiana between Terre Haute and Evansville.

Looking for Roof Contractors in Illinois?

Storms in the year 2019 caused harm in about 70% of the houses in the entirety of the Illinois area. If you don’t hire preventative maintenance, it may lead to more storm damage.

Contact roof contractors to handle your roof problems. We offer customized services to meet your rooftop repair in Calumet and other areas. Also, our roof contractors will advise you about what you should take into account in the future. Look for a company that doesn’t recommend unnecessary repairs and cares about what’s best for you. Choose Roof Rescuer.